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Coaching and Business Consultant

In this unparalleled time, having a coach to navigate new horizon is an asset to people that need guidance
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Design Services

We offer full services of interior design, from faux finishes, Design. Supervision of project from small to large estates. Hotels, Retreat Center, stores, restaurant, Gallery, winery, and Spa. Feng Shui Resonance, organize your space. Real Estate Preparation for sell...

Multi Media - Creative marketing Services

Services A la Carte, Creative Marketing, Photo, Branding, Video, Drone, Real estate video, Strategic campaign, websites, Music . So if you are an Artist, holistic entrepreneur that need a boost, we can help. We also offer full Marketing services for your business.

Music for film Tv
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Ocean Director of Arteoma is the ultimate creative visionary with unceasing lucrative and innovative ideas for his clients. He first taps into that which is 'in resonance' and relevant to their needs and goals. His multiple talents and skilled support were key to me successfully self-publishing my first book, Starfire Wisdom. Finding the right editor and publishing platform was an extraordinary task due to its unique message. After interviewing and rejecting many editors, he discovered the absolute perfect editor for me who was in sync with my vision and the book’s longterm destiny. Because of his design background and quality control he insisted that my cover design be outstanding, and because of his tenacity to the finish, I am beyond pleased and receiving loads of complements on my book cover. He also assisted with proofreading, building a social media ‘buzz’, coaching me on promotions, consulting me on my website updates and social media pages as well as branding ideas. He is also a beautiful photographer and videographer which is useful for clients who need headshots and videos. He shot my campaign video as well as captured fantastic photos of me for my social media. On top of these attributes Ocean is astute with technology and stays up-to-date on software, apps, social media and devices. He covers a lot of bases and keeps an eye out for his clients. He's definitely a team player and I’m truly grateful for his power and caring for my book project that wouldn’t have happened without his loving masterful expertise. Highly recommended Arteoma
Luma Lor, author of Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings
After much research we have hired Ocean Summer Director of Arteoma to direct our new video for promotion use at our gallery in Santa Fe. He gave us an impressive test video that he and his crew spent 3 days filming & we entered into our contract for Ocean to direct our next video - to be released this summer of 2019. We are very excited and had to be extremely impressed - after 23 years of being in business - to proceed with a new film maker. And we did!
Patricia Carlisle & David Pearson
Ocean Summer Arteoma Founder, flew to Palm Desert to be part of one of the most anticipated event in Palm Springs with Artist Carlos Carullo. Read More
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