A R T  E O  M AA R T E O M A

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Ocean Summer is a Designer, Supervisor, Contractor, project manager , Art consultant to name a few.
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In Tahiti. From fidji to New Zealand . Ocean work on Many projects the pacific beside New Zealand, Hawaii.
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Many projects in San Fransisco and Woodside and Silicone valley. But that one in the highest building was an adventure. Got to commute with an open elevator on the site of the highrise..OH boy…Designer for the Silicone billionaire , "Ocean Summer have done amazing projects all around Silicone valley, Woodside and the world. " he is a creator and his senses of beauty and double shooting save the day.." JK Woodside.CA
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I work and stayed with my clients. Here is the beautiful house commission by the CEO of Google in Carmel in California. The client that bought it asks me to work on different things but especially a Moroccan room, my cup of tea…The Architect brought from France The Glass doors from a French Chateau and build the house around… Love it.
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It's good to wear many hats. Big fundraising in Sandpoint, Idaho. Ocean Summer offer is talent as sommelier for this great event.

Ocean Summer started his career as a Designer very young in France. Later moving to Canada he continues is work to beautify the world. Here, with First Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Ocean was involved in many real estate projects in Montreal included the cite of cinema and development of old town around Canada. Also he was involve with an Art fund .
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Ocean Summer and Penelope Cruz at the grammy Award. On the right, Santa Fe Film Festival opening night
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Great event in LA with Patrick Swayzee. We miss him. Glad we worked together in this great project in the same studio Michael Jackson sang We are the world
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Painting Rainbow and get dirty. I like to dress up, but when I paint and do old world fresco ..I love to be part of the dirt and pigments. Art is my passion. Ocean