A R T  E O  M AA R T E O M A

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Home in Santa Fe. Gold leafs mural.
This house was cover in orange peel texture..so the mission was too bright up the entrance. So I had to send and prep the wall so I can create the mural. I love to work with gold. In this case, it lights up the entrance and created interactive art and background for the buddha and flower.
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Beautiful house. All ceiling and walls are done in faux finishes.
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This house was really dark and most of the walls were cover with brown woods. So I suggested to the clients to create a more bright ambiance to the house especially this house is near the beach in Florida . So I created a new mural with a feeling of the ocean and old beach wood and lot of sea foam color and blue turquoise. It make such a difference . Ocean
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Here is a beautiful bathroom cover with 1000 of river rock. After the tile guys did the installation, my jobs were to remove the obvious one that looks like the square pattern from the tiles covered in stones. So I had to remove 100 and pick the perfect color and size to create this massive artwork in the shower.
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After doing some Design feng shui Resonance in this house, my client asks me about that old chair half-broken legs…. So I took a great carved wood she had and created a frame around it. I did some extra carving around and applied an antiquing process. This chair was going to recycle and now it's a centerpiece for the room...Fun project. Ocean
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